Issey Miyake/132 5. project

From Issey Miyake,the 132 5. project. Miyake worked with computer scientist jun mitani to created 10 pieces (shirts, dresses, etc.) that when folded flat create the patterned geometric shapes. this comes as the first major project from miyake's established "reality lab". the team at reality lab comprises of miyake, a textile engineer, manabu kikuchi, a pattern engineer, sachiko yamamoto, and several young designers.

The name, 132 5. was born from the above-mentioned process. each of the numerals has a special significance. the numeral “1” refers to a single piece of cloth, while “3” refers to its three-dimensional shape. the following “2” comes from the fact that a 3D piece of material is folded into a two-dimensional shape, and the “5” separated by a single space refers to the time between when the folded forms are made and people actually put them on, giving birth to clothing. the numeral “5” also signifies our hope that this idea will have many other permutations.