Gareth Pugh for M.A.C

Fashion maverick Gareth Pugh collaborates with fashion film director Ruth Hogben
on this film to unveil his first make-up range, created with M.A.C. A further development from their electric collaboration for Spring/Summer 2012 and inspired by the contrast of black and white - or light and darkness - this fashion film showcases a selection of specially-fashioned faces for the twenty-first century.

The British fashion designer talks to Dazed about the new make-up ranges he's created with the beauty powerhouse and about his own beauty regim.

Direction: Ruth Hogben
Fashion: Gareth Pugh
Styling: Katie Shillingford
Make-up: Val Garland for M.A.C
Hair: Martin Cullen
Nails: Marian Newman
Soundtrack: Matthew Stone