Fever Ray & The Knife


The Knife – Hangin’ Out
The Knife – Rock Classics
The Knife – High School Poem
The Knife – Afraid of Control
The Knife – A Lung
The Knife – Got 2 Let U
Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Tiga’s Radio Edit)
The Knife – Silent Shout (Lulu Rogue Instrumental Edit)
The Knife – Silent Shout
The Knife – Forrest Families
The Knife – Manhood
Fever Ray – Keep the Streets Empty For Me (Majikers Bpm Remix)
Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart (Familjen Remix)
The Knife – The Height of Summer
The Knife – Colouring of Pigeons
Fever Ray with Van Rivers & the Subliminal Kid – Here Before
Fever Ray – Coconut
The Knife – You Make Me Like Charity (Live)
The Knife – From Off to On (Live)
The Knife – Marble House (Live)
Fever Ray – Dry and Dusty (Live)
Fever Ray – When I Grow Up (Live)
Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Heartbeats

Thanks to Electric Adolescence – Fever Ray and the Knife
(60 mins/ 320 kbps/ 137 MB)