The cover of A#10 by Michael Tighe

the cover of “A MAGAZINE curated by Giambattista Valli
featuring a poignant, candid image of a young River Phoenix captured at his home in Gainesville, Florida by US photographer Michael Tighe in the summer of 1989.

Michael has been shooting intimate celebrity portraits for over 30 years, beginning his career with Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine in the mid 1970s.

A MAGAZINE is a biannual publication, exploring the creative sphere of a selected designer in each issue. We invite a guest curator- an international fashion designer, group or house- to develop innovative, personalised content that expresses their aesthetic and cultural values.

Each issue celebrates this designer´s ethos: their people, their passion, their stories, emotions, fascinations, spontaneity and authenticity. As such A MAGAZINE exists as an entirely dynamic title- a cultural statement for individuality in an increasingly homogenous industry.

Centred around A MAGAZINE´s guest curator is a team of editors, with content provided by an international network of contributors and collaborators. Each of these creative relationships with an artist, photographer, musician, graphic designer etc. starts with a conversation. This artistic dialogue leads to beautiful projects, special friendships and a fusion of explosive talent to create work that transcends the ordinary.

A MAGAZINE is a unique niche product both on the conceptual and advertorial level. Alongside purely artistic content, we create hybrid promotional opportunities for collaborators, enabling the production of site-specific content that goes beyond common commercial restrictions.

Each A MAGAZINE is a new story waiting to be told.

In this issue:
A MAGAZINE curated by Giambattista Valli: It is our pleasure to announce that A#10 will be curated by the Paris-based Italian womenswear designer Giambattista Valli. Giambattista proposes his issue as an essay on the topic ''what is beauty?'', with contributions that include the work of Louise Bourgeois, Nan Goldin, Chiara Clemente, Lucio Fontana, David Hicks, Richard Avedon, the late Corinne Day and many other contemporary artists, photographers and influential style icons.

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